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There’s something so enticing about a good scent. I mean, who doesn’t like to smell good? Last year, my mom and I were in Bloomingdales and came across Le Labo fragrances. I’d been wanting to purchase them for a while but couldn’t get the guts to splurge yet. Thankfully, Bloomingdales had a deal going where you could purchase four (5ml) scents packaged in one. I selected:

  1. Thé Noir 29 which combines depth and freshness, including bergamot, fig and bay leaves.

  2. Santal 33 is low key a cult classic, it has notes of cardamom iris, and ambrox.

  3. Rose31 is warm, spicy, woodsy, and has notes such as cumin, olbanum, ceadar and a touch of amber.

  4. Another 13 includes ingredients such as jasmine, moss, and abrette seeds.

If I'm being honest, they all smell great, It‘s hard to pick a favorite.

Now as much as I love Le Labo, nothing is topping my favorite oils at the moment. These oils smell so good together, I don't know if I should even share them lol. The first one is an oldie but good “Amber White”. If you're from Philly, I’m sure you're familiar with this scent, I would describe it as fresh, like you just hopped out of the shower. The second is “Kuumba Made- Egyptian Musk”, which also has a light and clean smell. I get compliments whenever I wear these together. I'm sure there are lots of other great scents but these are my favs at the moment. Drop your favorite scent below.

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