Disney World Family Vacation

I can finally say I went to Disney World, and had so much fun! Here are some tips, I think are useful when planning a trip to Disney World.

1. Hopper Pass

We originally booked 3 day passes for 3 parks, but shortly after arriving decided we wanted to do hopper passes instead. Why do you ask? So here's the thing, without a hopper pass your only able to visit one park a day, which is cool if you've already been before, but we wanted to experience all of the parks. The hopper pass allows you to hop from park to park rather than staying at one park all day.

2. Fast Pass

The next thing we booked were our fast passes. I recommend booking your fast pass far in advance because we almost weren't able to book the rides we wanted. Fast passes allow you to get in a shorter line that moves a lot quicker than the regular line. Trust me you want to do this, especially around Christmas time. We fast passed all of our rides because the wait times were so long. I believe you can book your fast pass about a month in advance, but don't quote me.

3. Transportation

In terms of transportation, I would not advise driving, we took a shuttle. The shuttle picked us up at our resort and took us directly to the park. There's also the option of taking an Uber or Lyft. If you take that route I recommend leaving the park early, so you aren't stuck in traffic. In addition, if your going to Disney on any big Holiday I suggest getting there early because they stop letting people in the park once it reaches a certain capacity.

4. Carrying A Bag

When first entering the park you have to go through security and your bags have to be examined. However, there is another entrance that's faster if you don't have a bag with you. I brought a fanny pack so I had to wait in line, but it moved pretty quick.

5. Reservations

Let's remember, Disney World is an amusement park, so you can expect overpriced food that's not so great. On the plus side, they do have restaurants you can make reservations for. That way when you want to sit down and have a good meal, you have that option as well.

6. Download the Disney World App

If you don't do anything else, download the app. It's so helpful and we literally used it for everything. The app allowed us to book our fast pass, make dinner reservations, navigate through the parks, and also gave us updated wait times for different rides.

Disney was one for the books, and I'm so glad I got to experience it for the first time with my family. If you have any questions about my experience you can post them in the the comments section below.

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