Deciding What To Wear

Have you ever had a moment where you just didn’t know what to wear? I know I have. Here's a list of things I take into consideration when choosing an outfit.

Whats my vibe?

I'm all about vibes. How your feeling in the moment can help you determine what direction you want to go. If your feeling chill you may want to go with a more casual look, and vice versa.

How's the weather?

Is it hot, is it cold, is there a high percentage of rain or snow? I doubt when it's raining you want to wear pants that drag the ground or a new pair of shoes. Well at least I don't.

What does my hair look like?

There have been moments where I haven't worn an outfit because of the way my hair looked. No judgement please lol. Sometimes your hair just doesn't coincide with your look. Imagine if my hair was pulled up for this picture. I wouldn't be able to wear my turban and the esthetics of the entire look would change.

What's my statement piece?

My definition of a statement piece is a piece that stands out yet ties the outfit together.

For instance my statement piece is my jacket. The boldness of the colors draws your attention and accents the colors throughout the rest of my outfit, tying them together.

About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Liz Rich. I was born and raised in the city of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia PA; and I now reside in Los Angeles CA. 

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