Confessions Of Hairstylist: New Year Blues

I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for over 7 years now and I’m still trying to master the New Year Blues. What’s the New Year Blues you ask? Overall, it’s when work is slower than usual after the holiday rush.

If you’re a hair artist you know the holidays are super busy for us, and in the beginning of the year work can slow down a bit. With that said here are a few things that I’ve been focusing on to balance things out.

  • Add more set work to your roster.

  • Freelance other gigs that don’t require you to be in the salon.

  • Have a side hustle. I’m a colorist so I work with a company coloring wigs.

  • Save Save Save. I can’t tell you how important this is. Of course we don’t want to have to dip into our savings, but if necessary it’s nice to be able to.

  • Finally, don’t be so hard on yourself. Things will pick up, they always do.

Don’t let those New Year Blues get you down. You’ve worked so hard to get where you are, keep that same consistency all year around.

What are some things that have been helpful for you when work is a little slow?

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