Beauty Gurus To Know In Los Angelos

Number 1: Liz Rich

Of course I had to say myself, I mean what kind of person what I be not to lol. Liz Rich is a hair artist that specializes in color and overall healthy hair. She is located at Regency Salon Studios in Sherman Oaks CA. Click here to book with Liz:

-You can also follow Liz on IG @_lizrich

Number 2: Keira Ashley

Keira is a Bi-Coastal Hairstylist, Healthy Hair Educator, and Certified Hair Loss Practitioner. She is located at Salon Republic in Hollywood. Click here to book Keira:

-You can also follow Keira on IG @keiraashleyhair

Number 3: Kelly Wood "The BlowOut Queen"

Kelly is a third generation hairstylist that specializes in Blow Outs. She is located at Salon Republic in Hollywood. Click here to book Kelly:

-You can also follow Kelly on IG @kellywxxd

Number 4: Dene Dolls "Look good. Do good. Feel Good."

Dene Dolls, owned by Rachel Dene, retails lash and hair extensions. Dene Dolls is Located in Downtown LA. Click here to book with Dene Dolls:

-You can also follow Dene Dolls on IG @denedolls

Number 5: Marva Stokes

Marva is a freelance hair and makeup artist in Los Angeles California. Click here to book Marva:

-You can also follow Marva on IG @marva_stokes

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