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I recently asked my followers on Instagram to tag some black owned businesses on my post. Here are the businesses that were posted.

Beauty Cosmetics

@viva_naturally -Natural Health and Beauty Line

@shopbryscosmetics -Vegan Makeup and Skin Care Line

@theboldbrand -Vegan and Cruelty Free Lip Line

@gege_cosmetics -Beauty Cosmetics and Personal Care

@selvaggiocosmetics -Cruelty, Paraben, and Gluten Free Cosmetic Line

@shoocosmetics -Beauty Cosmetic Line

Beauty Service Providers

@bsteeleskin -Esthetician

@eyebrowsbyeb -iBrow Artist

@retro_retwistz -Hairstylist

@ajcrimson -Makeup Artist

@natassiajuanita -Travel Beautician

@beautyelevator -Hairstylist

@ellextensions.hair -Extensions and Custom Wig Solutions

@thereal_spruceitupsalon -Hair Salon

@bossladytkm -Hairstylist

@litas_glamour_hair_and_beauty -Cosmetologist/Entrepreneur

@shedelleholmes.hair -Hairstylist

@divineimage_hair_and_makeup_ -Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist

@thelosangelesshop -Nail Artist

Credit Repair/Life Coach/Financial Service

@700creditbuilder -Credit Counseling Service

@lifecoache -Emotional Coach and Business Consultant

@wrightchoicebookkeeeping_llc -Book Keeping


@_robrich -Dance Choreographer and Teacher

@kmdanceacademy -Dance Studio

Event Planning

@truesplendorevents -Event Planning

Food and Drink

@atlantaharvest -Farm

@kingsdelila -Deli

@africanchop -Food Truck and Catering Company

@golde -Superfood health and beauty

@snatchedjuices -Smoothie and Juice Bar

@cest_les_sweets -Customized Sweets

@cooking_with_nett -Caterer

@thankearth.co -Alternative and Holistic Health Service

@luvspunfloss -Artisanal Cotton Candy, Organic Raw Sugar, Vegan and Gluten Free

@theloungebarandgrill -Bar

@rosebar_raleigh -Sports Bar and Lounge


@arkishalewisgraphics -Graphic Designer

@bymshabrownephotography -Photographer

@photosbyderek -Photographer

@d.i.p._photographer -Photographer

@antoinneduanejones -Photographer

@_arkisha -Graphic Designer/Photographer

@ashtonsart -Artist

@helenavicdesigns -Artist

Lawyer/Public Affairs

@tillmanllc -Lawyer and Law Firm

@fulcrumpublicaffairs -Full Service Advocacy Firm

Real Estate/Home Esthetics

@melodycertified -Real Estate

@dsdfloors -Custom Abstract Flooring


@philaprint -Clothing Brand

@shopsamariahleah -Curated Vintage Denim

@mattebrand -Clothing Line

@aloremjewelers -Jeweler

@melaningirldecor -African home decor and fashion accessories

@thenoblebrand -Candle Company

@designsbymisemi -Clothing Brand

@ohn_clothing -Clothing

@savedclassyandchic_boutique -Retailer

@clcbam- Craft Lace Creations

@wiredesire1 -Jewelry Designer

@sophistochic_earringsetc -Handmade Jewelry

@_arkisha -Earring/Jewelry Crafter

@heartthrobhelena -Retailer

@mojo_boutique -Retail Company

@supersavepawn -Pawn Shop


@silvershieldsecurity -Home Security Brand


1 Tomato

1 Kiwi

4 tbsp Chopped Mango

1 Handful Of Cilantro

4 tbsp Chopped Red Onion

1 Clove of Garlic

1/2 Lime Juice

Season to your liking with:



Mrs. Dash-Garlic & Herb


*Pair with tortilla chips or add it to your favorite dish.

The climate of the world is ever-changing. Just the other day we were able to go to the gym, and buy toilet paper, shoot we were able to work. Staying home is cool and all, but there are tons of people that aren’t able to work and still have to pay bills. With that said I’ve been putting my energy towards things that I do have control over. Here are 6 ways to be productive during social distancing.

  1. Relax, relate, release. Take a load off, some of us actually need to relax and chill for a second. I personally was starting to feel burned out before I was forced to sit down. So take some time to relax for a day.

  2. Meal prep. I know everyone doesn't cook; but it can be really fun. When I’m extremely busy I don’t cook as often; I’m either too tired or don’t have the time. Yesterday I made so many random meals. Some of them I actually froze and am saving for later.

  3. Focus on something you've wanted to start for a while. For example writing a book, starting a blog/youtube channel, or developing a new business plan. No time like the present.

  4. Workout. This will not only help your physical fitness but your mindset as well. There are several at-home workout routines you can find online.

  5. Detox. Whether that be taking a break from social media, cleaning your apartment/house, or simply decluttering. It will make you feel so much better. I can‘t tell you how many times I’ve done this and feel like a million bucks after. Trust me it really works.

  6. Prepare. You don't have to get ready if you stay ready. Come up with new marketing strategies, goals, and ideas for success.

I hope these suggestions can be useful throughout your time of social distancing. Remember to wash your hands, avoid touching your face, and stay hydrated. Don’t forget to check up on your loved ones. Stay safe everyone!

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